What about Privacy?

That’s one thing we value more than anything else, and that’s why you’d see that we only accept the candidate’s name, offer date, job location, PAN, Aadhar Phone, and email information.

The PAN and Aadhar information is optional.

You’d not see the details entered by any other HR, and no other HR would see the details entered by you.

For example:
HR1 enters:
Name: Abhishek Panchal
Mobile: 9898989898
email: abhishek@gmail.com

HR2 enters:
Name: Panchal Abhishek
Mobile: 9999999999
email: abhishek@gmail.com

HR3 enters:
Name: Abhishek
Mobile: 9898989898
email: abhishek.panchal@gmail.com

All the HRs will see only the offer date and location as the new details. None of the HRs will see the different phone, email or name entered by any other HR.

Will other HR know the candidate package details?


The platform doesn’t accept those details, and there’s no chance we will offer any company that option in future.

How do I ensure that outfox will not share the candidate data with a competitor?

When you log in and filter the candidates, you’ll see that the only information updated in the outfox app is the candidate offer details. Since it is a standard app given to all companies, we do not share any additional data with any specific company.

Is the candidate data I enter in Outfox safe? Do you share it with anyone?

The details of a candidate are never shared with the HR of a competing company. Recruiters only see the candidate details entered by them, not those entered by competing HRs.

Outfox only shares two information about a candidate: the new offer date and the new location.

As soon as the recruiter knows the candidate has new offers, it is possible to make alternative arrangements to close the position.