What is Asset return pending?

If a candidate has not returned company assets, you’d see that against the candidate name

What is Candidate Feedback?

It’s a feature to let participating HRs know the feedback from candidates’ past companies’ HR.

Positive or Negative, HR can share details about a candidate which is usually not known from background checks.

Rest assured, the feedback left by you is anonymous. If you wish to publish your company name, you’ve got that option too.

What is Candidate Absconding?

If any candidate joins your company and leaves without a notice period or for job hopping, your management has the right to mark the candidate as absconding. Other companies using the platform will know that the candidate needs to serve a notice period at your firm.

Are there any companies using the platform?

Yes, we onboarded 20 companies on the 1st day of launch, 272 companies in the first month and are on track to add 1200 companies before the end of this year.