Candidate information is available for how long?

3 Months.

What if I don’t enter the candidate offer date?

Suppose you don’t enter the Offer date for a candidate who has taken an offer from you. In that case, you’ll stand to lose as you won’t see the ticker information – meaning if the candidate has received an offer from any other company, neither you nor the competing HR will know about the candidate holding multiple offers.

Since this club is reserved for the HR teams, and the ultimate goal is to let the HRs know the offer dates about a candidate, we feel that none of the HRs would mind sharing the candidate offer date and joining location on the platform.

How does Outfox know candidate details?

When you add any candidate who has got an offer from you and gets an offer from other companies, other HRs will also update the candidate offer roll-out date and location.

You and the other company’s HR will see the offer dates against that candidate. It’s straightforward.

How does Outfox help the HRs?Candidate Search

HR professionals are often concerned about whether candidates will join once they roll out the offer letter. Sometimes, candidates keep their offer letters as backup and do not inform their recruiters about not joining.

With Outfox, once you have rolled an offer letter to a candidate, you can enter the candidate’s name, email and mobile number. Outfox will notify you as soon as the candidate accepts an offer from another participating company.

If the candidate gets an offer from another participating company, you can plan out re-hiring or negotiate with the candidate.